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The Full Story

A Young Start

I wrote my first song when I was about 7 years old, 'The Fightstar Group', I know an instant classic!

My two brothers and I had a band, The Spiders. Gary and I on tennis rackets and vocals and Guy on buckets for drums. With our faces painted red we wore just swimming trunks and had old curtains for capes. We put on a concert for my Mum and her friends to raise some money for sweets in our garage which we felt went very well !!    

All I remember is Mum wetting herself laughing all the way through it....  

 ...I still can't for the life of me think why ??

Paris Gallery


Fast forward about 12 years, with some friends we formed the great 'Paris Gallery'. I was one of the two Keyboard players; I was pretty clueless but I had some nice gear!  With a fist full of original songs we actually managed our first gig, a wedding! We then booked a studio to record our first hit song but the night before our frontman decided rock and roll wasn't for him. As the studio was booked we needed a singer so I thought I'd give it a go!

  It was pretty dreadful but I was hooked....

The 80's

The next few years was spent with various bands but I had discovered recording. With a great friend we had an 8 track recorder and this was synchronised to an Atari computer that ran a programme called C Lab, which very much later developed into Logic /Garage band.

This opened up a new world for me.. 


Up Until Today

Into the 90's I was lucky enough to sing for a band called 'Behind the Lines'. Again an originals band but this one had great musicians and Nigel Harris, a great song writer. We rehearsed a lot but as with most original bands, gigs weren't so easy to get!  But then we entered the then Radio Broadland, later Heart, Battle of the bands competition and somehow managed to bloody win it?! 

  This led to some great support gigs such as 'The Christians' and 'Big Country' and a really fun couple of days miming on the Radio 1 stage during 'The Clothes Show' at the Birmingham NEC. But sadly like all great things that also came to an end. 

  Currently I'm still singing with a band 'Wapscallions' this time its all covers, its so much fun and it's not far off been going for nearly 20 years!!!!  Which as anyone in a band or has been will know is some feat. 

Its a 5 piece band Tim Jackson on keys, Andy Taylor on guitar, Ed Turner drums, Robbie Hubbard Bass and Yours Truly Wailing.  

Check out our website for upcoming gigs we'd love to see you.......... we'd love to see anyone ;)


Love of Recording

 I first opened up Logic ( my Digital Audio Workstation or DAW ) about 12 years ago and was again hooked straight away, I have written and recorded many songs, some of which will never see the light of day...........

I have amassed a large amount of Instruments ,virtual Instruments and plugins enough to create or get nearly any sound or musical genre I want to achieve, from rock to lo-fi study or from hip hop to orchestral. 

 I love working with other artists and most of all taking an idea for a song and transforming it into a full blown record. For me it's the most satisfying thing!

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